JTC 2017

Documents for the submission of JTC2017 full proposals

The second JTC2017 Call

The JTC2017 submission tool has been reopend until March, 15th 2017, 4 pm.

February, 17th 2017

Call text revised version published on 16 January 2017: note 1 pag 7

Guidelines for Applicants revised version published on 16 January 2017: last revision of National regulations of ISCIII-Spain. Annex 2, pages 29 to 31, with corrections/changes on “Eligibility of a partner as a beneficiary institution”, “Additional eligibility criteria” and “Eligibility of PIs and team members”.

January, 26th 2017

Recent Update on the JTC2017 Call, please note that NCP for ISCIII-Spain has been updated.

January, 18th 2017

Recent Update on the JTC2017 Call - Decision for ISCIII -Spain has not validated, please note that researchers from ISCIII-Spain should contact their national/regional representative prior to submit a proposal.

January, 16th 2017

ERA-CVD officially announces its second ERA-CVD Joint Transnational Call!

ERA-CVD has established a partnering tool. Here you can offer information on you, your group and your institution, so potential partners. Thus you and other researchers in the field of CVD can find adequate partners to write and submit transnational proposals.

If you plan to submit a proposal for an ERA-CVD call, please ensure to use the following registration and submission tool. Here you can upload your proposal and provide all necessary information (incl. partners, aim, tasks and budget of your consortium/project) for the pre-proposal as well as when you are invited for a full proposals.

If you have questions regarding the ERA-CVD JTC2017, you can either contact the Joint Call Secretariat (JCS) or the responsible partner organisations:

ERA-CVD JTC2017 Joint Call Secretariat (JCS)

Ministero della Salute, Italy
E-mail: jcs-era@sanita.it
Maria Grazia Mancini
Mariangela Siler

Phone: +39 06 5994 3215